Back so soon?

Welcome back!  I've officially launched the website, and added a couple of new features.  I'm most excited about my instagram, twitter, and linkedin buttons at the bottom of each page.  Now you'll be able to keep up with all my exciting adventures across the social media spectrum (I know you were on the edge of your seat). I've also added a contact me section, which I can't believe wasn't the first thing I added - I mean, how are you supposed to hire me if you can't contact me??? So you can email me or check me out on I'm expecting the offers to just start rolling in anytime - just kidding.  I'm working hard to beef up my writing resume, so that serious offers DO start trickling through to my inbox.

With the transition to Virginia, plus getting used to military life, I've got a lot on my plate - being able to take the website off it was a HUGE (cue my Donald Trump impression) relief.  For now, though, all these life changes have been a good - nay, GREAT thing, and I can't wait to see what's next.

Stay tuned, sports fans!