I Can Tell That We are Gonna be Friends

Remember when I said that making friends as an adult was hard? It's like dating, but without the promise of free dinner. So why on earth would you try to make friends as an adult? I've always had a large group of friends through school and work, so I never had to worry about my social circle.  

Now, however, I find myself in the unusual (for me) predicament of literally not knowing a single soul.  Ok, that's not true. I know my coworkers, and my building manager and my mail lady.  They only partially count, because I know them from nine to five, Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, its just me, and my dog...who also doesn't count because he can't talk and he's sort of a jerk.  

So, I'm putting myself out there, just like George Costanza (is that reference too old? Does anyone still watch Seinfeld reruns on TBS?). I downloaded Meetup, and joined a group for Navy Plus Ones. This is something I never would have done before. I sort of felt the stigma that used to be attached to online dating...like there must be something wrong with me if I can't go out and make a friend on my own without the internet's help. But that is just simply not true. It's hard to make friends. Not because you don't want to, but because a lot of the time grown up responsibilities get in the way.

Plus, I feel like adults are just more suspicious. You ask someone to hang out with you these days and they immediately become wary. Why? Why do you want to hang out with me? Are you secretly inviting me to a Pampered Chef party? Are you stalking me? Are you going to murder me in the alley of this bar? No, I just want you to be my friend!

The group of women I met at the meetup were great - it was nice to be with a group of people who understand exactly what I feel right now. They know how hard it is to not only move to a new place, but to be totally on your own as you do it.  It's been especially hard because I moved here, and like a month later Chad deployed. I was so focused on spending time with him before he left, that I didn't take time to think about what I would do when he was gone.  

People have been so supportive though. Friends of friends offer introductions to people they know in the area, and I've welcomed those with open arms. I've also embraced doing things on my own - I don't want to miss out just because I'm alone. Plus, you never know who you're going to meet while you're out and about. You just have to be open to being awkward and inserting yourself into someone else's social situation. Just kidding! No, I'm really not. 

In closing: I'm out there, Jerry, and I'm loving it!