We're Getting Married!

Roughly five days, nineteen hours and two minutes ago, Chad proposed under the Davie Poplar, the site of more than a few Carolina proposals, and with good reason. The Davie Poplar stands just behind the Old Well, and is an iconic spot on campus as well. It's legend that if the tree ever falls, so will the University. Every freshman also learns on their campus tour that if a couple kisses on the old stone bench underneath the Davie Poplar, then they will also get married. 

It is also Carolina lore that the three hundred year old Tulip Poplar was chosen as the site around which to build the University because a more beautiful spot could not be found - while this story is inaccurate, the sentiment is true. That historic part of campus was always my favorite place, and secretly I hoped I'd meet a boy in college, we'd fall in love and he'd propose under that tree. 

Of course, that didn't happen to me in college, and I'm so glad it didn't. I met Chad through a series of random and fortunate events that transpired to bring us both together on a balmy night in June. And here we are, two years later, planning our wedding. 

I know without a doubt that Chad is my Lobster. We're celebrating one week of engagement (there's really no need to celebrate, but you know, any excuse for champagne). Tonight we'll toast to our love, and to each other, and to our marriage - may it, like the Davie Poplar live forever.