Remember Me?

Yikes! I did not realize I had neglected to post for four months! In my defense, I've been sort of busy. 

Quick Recap:

Shortly after I wrote my last post, we found out we were expecting baby Martin! You can read all about how I dealt with early pregnancy here

We made it through the holidays, even though husband had to work on Christmas Day - thanks Navy. I spent the day lounging around the house, took advantage of the cold but sunny day for a walk and a movie. Aside from missing loved ones, not a bad way to spend the holiday. 

Finally, we moved! We moved to sunny Jacksonville Beach, Florida, which has been great so far. I am a beach baby, and so you know I love being able to walk down to the ocean any time I want. I plan on taking advantage of it now, before I am so pregnant I don't want to waddle to the bathroom much less two blocks away. 

I'm working on boosting my writing resume, and I've kept pretty busy with work so far. Even though I really loved my day job in Virginia, I'm excited to try and grow my business, and I love being able to work from home, or the coffee shop down the street, or the beach - my office is ever changing!

Anyway, sorry it's been so long. I promise I'll do better!