Shameless Self-Promotion

As y'all may remember, I just started a new job at ACCESS College Foundation as an Office Administrator.  I can't say enough good things about the work this nonprofit does.  For twenty-five years, they've made it their mission to make sure that Virginia students have the resources to  apply and pay for college.  

What you may not know is that I received a life-changing scholarship from the University of North Carolina that really made it possible for me to go to my dream school when I otherwise might not have been able to go simply because it was too expensive.  Now, my scholarship was not from a nonprofit organization - it was a combination of financial aid packages from different organizations put together by the University for the groundbreaking inaugural class of Carolina Covenant scholars. 

ACCESS is a little different - but no less important.  I was so excited to come on board and work for an organization that does good in the community, state and nationally as it helps send students all over the country for higher education.  One of our biggest fundraising events is the Shamrock Run over St. Patrick's weekend in Virginia Beach. 

Please consider supporting ACCESS' mission and goals by making a donation here. It doesn't have to be a lot, and you don't have to sign up for anything. But I have a goal of raising $500.00 before the Shamrock Run in March, and I can't do it without your help.

Ok, that wasn't so bad, was it? This moment of shameless self-promotion (for a VERY good cause) is now over. I feel good, you'll feel good about yourself when you donate (it's science!)

Everyone - especially Virginia students - wins!