Wherein Our Heroine Turns 30

Y'all, I turned 30 last week. Three - Oh. THIRTY.  A new decade. I thought I was going to have a major meltdown, like when I found out Anderson Cooper was gay and would never be attracted to me, but I've been surprisingly life-crisis free. I spent the actual day of my birth alone, the first birthday I've had by myself maybe ever. I'm usually that annoying person that throws themselves a birthday month. But this year, with Boo being gone and living in a new place, that wasn't really an option. Overall though, I had a fantastic birthday, and a lot of people went out of their way to make me feel celebrated. Old friends came up the weekend before which was a wonderful treat, and I got several mail-delivery surprises and hand-written cards, which are my favorite thing. My new coworkers all went out of their way to wish me happy birthday, which was extra thoughtful, considering they've only known me like a week.

I stopped by Sweet Tea and got a double slice of Strawberry Cake (I always have pink cake on my birthday. ALWAYS.) and went home to reflect on what it means to be thirty. It literally means I'm not in my twenties anymore, which is actually just fine by me. My twenties were hard. Like really hard. I'm not saying there weren't good times, because there were (and I have the facebook documentation to prove it), but by and large, whoever said your twenties is the best time of your life is full of shit, just like John Denver. More often than not, my twenties were filled with financial struggles, indecision, and depression.  I'm finally in a place where I feel good about myself, good about my job, and good about the people with whom I surround myself. 

Now that I'm older (it's been a week and I've learned so much already!), I feel way more comfortable in my own skin.  I still struggle, but I am a much more confident person than I was, say, even five years ago. I can't wait to see what the rest of my thirties are going to be like. If this week has been any indication, they're going to be fantastic.

And She's Back

I intended this website and blog to be a professional resource for me, and it is - but, I've decided to use the blog more as a personal page so that friends and family can keep up with what's going on since we're scattered here and yon.  

So, what's going on with me, you might ask? Well, lots of things and at the same time, not so much.  I got a new job (exciting!) at an awesome nonprofit called  Access College Foundation that helps students in Virginia apply and pay for college. It already seems like a great place to work, and as a former student who relied solely on a wonderful scholarship to pay for college, I love that I am able to work for an organization such as this. They also get a gold star for hiring me despite knowing that I probably won't be in Norfolk longer than a couple of years (thanks, Navy!). I probably applied to LITERALLY (cue Chris Traeger) a hundred jobs, got LITERALLY like ten interviews, and in each of those interviews as soon as the Navy was mentioned, I could see their interest in me fade. So, just as I was beginning to lose hope, Access swooped in and hired me.  

I'm getting settled in here - and Norfolk is not the Naval Post I'd love to be at most (I mean, hello Hawaii) but so far its not so bad. I love the mostly balmy weather, although it did snow today that's not the norm, and living within walking distance to restaurants, shopping and the movies. Growing up in extremely rural North Carolina, this is a true luxury. When I was a kid, we had to drive like an hour to a completely different state for that stuff.  

What's not going on is that the boo recently left for a 3-4 month stint on the USS Stennis for shooter quals.  Now, I'm not complaining, because he could be gone for six months, or nine months or even a whole year - so by comparison three months is nothing.  However, I've only been in Norfolk a couple months, and he's almost the only person I know here.  So that's made it a little difficult now that he's gone. However, that's a whole blog post for a different day - I'm going to write a series on how to make friends as an adult, because its SO painfully awkward. Making friends when you're 30 is like dating, except platonically. Where's the fun in that? The nice thing is that I am reconnecting with old friends by forcing them to come and see me on weekends.

I think that pretty much sums it up. I'll be posting more about adjusting to life not just up here in Norfolk, but also getting used to a military lifestyle. I've got a couple new blog posts over at Blinq, so be sure to check those out as well in my work section.

Back so soon?

Welcome back!  I've officially launched the website, and added a couple of new features.  I'm most excited about my instagram, twitter, and linkedin buttons at the bottom of each page.  Now you'll be able to keep up with all my exciting adventures across the social media spectrum (I know you were on the edge of your seat). I've also added a contact me section, which I can't believe wasn't the first thing I added - I mean, how are you supposed to hire me if you can't contact me??? So you can email me or check me out on  fiverr.com. I'm expecting the offers to just start rolling in anytime - just kidding.  I'm working hard to beef up my writing resume, so that serious offers DO start trickling through to my inbox.

With the transition to Virginia, plus getting used to military life, I've got a lot on my plate - being able to take the website off it was a HUGE (cue my Donald Trump impression) relief.  For now, though, all these life changes have been a good - nay, GREAT thing, and I can't wait to see what's next.

Stay tuned, sports fans!


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