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Pregnant Chicken

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"Katie is incredible at writing relatable, funny and informative content. I worked with her during my time managing editorial content for and she became an immediate asset to us. Katie never fails to deliver a great blog post, and she was able to nail our brand’s voice instantly. Her writing is fun to read and shareable while also meeting our larger marketing goals.
I highly recommend her; you’ll be in good hands with Katie."
(( Dianna Leyton, Content Marketing Strategy ))
"I've had the pleasure of working with Katie on creating content for the blog. Katie does a fantastic job of melding the BLINQ voice with her unique and relatable writing style; she's able to simultaneously inform readers of our brand and offerings, while still making posts skimmable and engaging. The best part is that she's able to do all this and still have content done ahead of schedule!
 I would highly recommend her."
((Emily Dell, BLINQ Marketing Specialist))
"We have been working with Katie for several months on a variety of writing projects. She has been a pleasure to work with and always delivers work on time.  Katie's writing has been on point. Her work is well organized, easily skimmable, and direct without being boring. She has also been able to tailor the style of writing to different audiences - a critical skill for our agency. 

I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to Katie for your next writing project."
((Winston Chenery, Director of Marketing at Whittington Consulting))